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Cinderella’s Hope Cat Rescue was formed for the humane assistance of friendly and feral (free roaming) cats through trap neuter release (TNR) and assistance with the adoption of those cats that are friendly.

We are a small group of individuals that believe every cat deserves a chance at a good life, whether they live indoors or outdoors.
To help our furry felines live long healthy lives, spay/neutering is the answer.

Feral (free roaming) cats are undomesticated, fearful of humans, and cannot be domesticated.

Stray cats are domesticated and have been abandoned or lost their way home, and do not know how to survive in the outdoors.

Trap neuter release (TNR) is a process everyone benefits from. Spay/neutering reduces the number of unwanted cats which in turn reduces the number of cats in shelters and the most importantly the euthanasia rate.

Benefits of TNR:

  • Stabilizes and reduces the population
  • Greatly reduces the cat population in shelters, by eliminating unwanted litters
  • Is a humane way to reduce the population
  • Is more effective and less costly than extermination
  • Cats live out their lives in safe, familiar territory

Spayed/neutered animails live a healthier and happier life, they are no longer fighting for mates.

Caretakers of feral (free roaming) cats play a very important role in these cats lives. With the help of the caretakers we can trap
and spay/neuter these cats to stop the breeding. The caretakers also feed, shelter and take care of the well being of the cats.