Which app should you download?

There are two apps made for the kiss, and this happened because of the inner issue in the company. Earlier, there was only the kiss 918 company that used to run the SRC888 website. It was a site where people could play any gambling games at a lower price.

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Moreover, it did not seem to work that much, and some of the people in the kiss 918 company had an idea. They thought about making a website named kiss 918 so that people are attracted to it. Also, they will need to have different kinds of games that these people can play once they are on the website.

When they were deciding to rebrand the SRC888 website to kiss 918.

Why the rivalry?

The rivalry took place in the company, and due to this reason, the people separated their ways. One part of the company closed done SRC888 and created kiss 918. While the other part of the company created the website called 918 kiss Malaysia. These two are the website that looks the same, but the difference is that kiss 918 is a better version.

You can do 918 kiss download apk and then extract the application from that file. When the files have been extracted, you can easily just click on the 918-kiss app logo. Then the whole process will begin where you will be connected to the internet and download the remaining files. Then after the files have been downloaded, you will have to close and open the app again.

After doing this, there will be certain instructions that you have to follow if you want to play and win real money

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